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“Inside Out” is Groundbreaking, but Remains Classic Pixar

Riley Anderson emotions are the main characters of Inside Out

Since the 1995 release of "Toy Story," the company's first feature length theatrical effort, Pixar has produced a diverse stream of animated features, almost all of which have managed to resonate with both critics and audiences alike. In addition to "Toy Story" and its two sequels to date, the company has repeatedly cornered the market on clever, heartfelt, family-friendly and visually stunning fare such as 2001's "Shrek," 2004's "The Incredibles" and 2009's "Up." Pixar's seemingly magical ability to yield instant classics in the world of animated films continues unabated decades after the original "Toy Story." A contemporary example of the studio's preternatural aptitude for animated releases is the summer 2015 release "Inside Out."

In some ways, "Inside Out" utilizes classic Pixar facets that have worked so well for the studio in the past: sophisticated computer animation, a voice cast of seasoned celebrities with impressive comedy track records and a story imbued with complex yet simple themes that reverberate with audiences both young and old. While "Inside Out" boasts all of those qualities to an extraordinary degree, the movie takes the Pixar formula and stretches it even further with the inclusion of human psychology in a uniquely intricate fashion for movies, especially family films.

Co-writer and director Pete Docker reportedly spoke with several psychologists while researching the script, which deals with the literal internal workings of its young protagonist's mind. While Kaitlyn Dias plays "Inside Out" protagonist Riley Anderson, the characters which represent Joy's emotions have some serious star power behind them, including Amy Poehler as Joy, Mindy Kaling as Disgust, Bill Hader as Fear and, naturally, Lewis Black as Anger. As Riley grows older, and goes through major life changes when her family moves, "Inside Out" explores her inner psychological world in a way that is at once entertaining, engrossing, poignant and matchlessly deep. It is that depth that sets this Pixar release apart from other family movies, as well as past Pixar releases. "Inside Out" adheres to the formula that has established Pixar as a leader in feature film animation while breaking new ground in the world of family films and film in general, continuing the studio's mind-boggling, decades-long streak of classic movies.

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